Website Design
Quickly design and build a safe and stable cross-border independent station that can reflect your brand tone
Independent station
Website maintenance
Regularly or irregularly maintain the server and update the content, so as to continuously attract more viewers and increase the traffic
Focus on providing customers with efficient, accurate and high-quality one-stop promotion services to enhance brand awareness
We are committed to providing customers with all-round enterprise and personal services related to the construction, maintenance, operation and promotion of independent stations Our customer service system supports multiple logins, one click replies, labeling management, stable and accurate counters, message translation, regular mass delivery, customer transfer and other powerful functions. At the same time, Haima Sails to the Sea to help you with brand sailing and promotion services, providing you with one-stop marketing services. Enhance your online marketing experience, improve your team's work efficiency, and drive business growth
About Us
How It Works

Attract  a vaguely divided mass audience
Get interested potential consumers
Consumers who get actual purchases
Business and Customer Continuity
Sea Horse has a complete independent station to build a team for drainage Broaden the team and product functions, and have a visual number of drainage According to the exhibition.
Sea Horse goes to sea to provide you with customer tag management methods, improve conversion rate and customer experience, and reduce costs.
Sea Horse allows your employees to have multiple accounts online at the same time, improving the efficiency of customer maintenance and various services.
Sea Horse also has customer transfer and other product functions for continuous operation of customers, so that you no longer have to worry about customer loss.
Software Design
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